Our Services & Store

Each time you enter our warehouse, scan the barcode on your Jetro membership card. If you forget to bring your membership card, you may obtain a one-day shopping pass from our receptionist only by showing some identification.

Product directories and warehouse floor plans are available in the reception area. Product lists are also posted at the end of every aisle. In addition, Jetro associates, each of whom wear a badge, can assist you as you shop.

At Jetro, in addition to our own Red & White private label, we sell top quality national and regional brands in a broad range of product categories.

Since Jetro is a wholesale supplier, most items we stock are sold by the case. For product description, size, number of selling units and price, please consult the shelf label placed directly above or below each stocked item. If you are not sure whether a package contains the product you want, please ask for assistance.

Health and beauty care products, cigarettes and some other items that we sell in less than case quantities are located in a separate department. Your purchases from this area of the warehouse will be rung up at the department’s check-out and secured in a plastic basket until you pay for these and all other purchases at our front-end checkout.

When you complete your shopping, proceed to the front-end checkout and show our membership card to the checker. While the checker rings up your merchandise, another Jetro associate will count each item.

A supervisor will verify that the items loaded onto your shopping cart(s) match those for which you have been charged.

When your purchases have been paid for, you will be given your invoice with a receipt attached. As you leave the warehouse, please show your receipt to a Jetro associate standing by the exit.

Invoice Accuracy

To ensure that our customers receive the merchandise for which they are invoiced, each day several customer purchases are selected at random for an item by item comparison between all merchandise rung up on the invoice and merchandise loaded onto the shopping cart(s).

Our managers carry out this procedure as quickly as possible. So, if your purchases happen to be selected for this item-by-item comparison, we would appreciate your cooperation and patience.

Refunds & Exchanges

You may exchange or return for refund any nonperishable grocery or foodservice merchandise within 30 days of the purchase date on your register receipt. Perishable merchandise, electrical appliances and equipment may be returned with your receipt up to 72 hours after purchase. Any merchandise must be returned without price markings in original packaging. Jetro cannot accept for exchange or refund less than full cases of merchandise.

Please note: If a piece of equipment comes with a warranty, Jetro cannot accept a return. All issues need to be addressed with the company that provides the warranty.

Paying for Purchases

Jetro accepts cash, checks (with prior approval and identification), debit and credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover) as payment for merchandise. To avoid delays when paying by check, please fill out a check acceptance form, available from our receptionist, authorizing your bank to release to Jetro information about your checking account. Jetro will assess a fee for any check returned for insufficient funds.

Specially Priced Merchandise

In addition to our everyday low prices, you’ll always find hundreds of items in our aisles with signs drawing your attention to special price breaks. Look for “as advertised” signs posted near merchandise promoted in our bi-weekly flyer. Throughout the warehouse you’ll also see signs alerting you to unadvertised manager’s specials, and Value-Plus Discounts – products that have been discounted through Jetro’s electronic coupon program.

For Your Protection

Report a lost or stolen membership card promptly. You may obtain a replacement for a lost card by showing your resale tax certificate to our receptionist. Children under 14 years of age are not permitted to enter the warehouse without parental supervision.  Dress appropriately, including shoes and shirt, and do not smoke while inside the warehouse. Always inspect your purchases and your invoice before leaving the warehouse. Jetro cannot be responsible for merchandise once it is removed from the warehouse.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Manager and managers in every department welcome your inquiries, suggestions and comments. Any Jetro associate wearing a name badge can assist you in locating products. To help you make informed and economical buying decisions, check our Customer Information Board each time you enter the warehouse.

Tell Us What You Think

We’ve displayed comment cards near our exit so you can tell us what you think of our service, our merchandise selection, our appearance and our personnel. Whether you have a concern or a compliment, please fill out a comment card and drop it in any U.S. Postal Service mailbox. We will personally respond to your concerns.