Wear Appropriate Shoes.

Customers are required to wear appropriate shoes. These should be sturdy, with slip-resistant soles. Do not wear flip-flops, high-heels, open-toe sandals and the like.


Do Not Overstock Cart.

You must be able to see where you are going when you push the cart.


Watch Your Step.

While we do our best to keep things clean, you must still be aware and stay clear of spills and objects that may find their way onto the floor.


Forklifts & Other Material-Moving Equipment.

Be aware of and pay attention for alarms, beeps and horns.


No Running or Horseplay; they are Strictly Prohibited.

Walk at a safe pace. Parents who bring children must supervise them closely so they do not run, climb on merchandise/shelves or play on the carts.


No Climbing.

Climbing/stepping on shelves or pallets is not allowed. If you cannot reach an item, please ask one of our employees for help-they will retrieve the item in a prompt and safe manner.


We Are Not Responsible for Property/Vehicle Damage.

We make every reasonable effort to collect carts periodically and will not assume any liability for damage to vehicles or other property caused by carts unless it results from our intentional misconduct, recklessness or gross negligence. Please bring your cart back to the store or designated area in the parking lot.

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