Company Information

We offer a great selection of restaurant and catering supplies, food preparation equipment and take-out containers, all at low, low prices.checkout_open

Merchandise is logically grouped and displayed to make shopping easy. We also have maps, aisle directories and a multi-lingual staff to help our customers find products quickly.

No minimum purchase is required to take advantage of our everyday low prices and advertised specials.  We buy in volume and pass the savings along to our customers. And Jetro membership is free.

Each time you enter our warehouse, scan the barcode on your Jetro membership card. If you forget to bring your membership card, you may obtain a one-day shopping pass from our receptionist only by showing some identification.

Product directories and warehouse floor plans are available in the reception area. Product lists are also posted at the end of every aisle. In addition, Jetro associates, each of whom wear a badge, can assist you as you shop.

At Jetro, in addition to our own Red & White private label, we sell top quality national and regional brands in a broad range of product categories.

Since Jetro is a wholesale supplier, most items we stock are sold by the case. For product description, size, number of selling units and price, please consult the shelf label placed directly above or below each stocked item. If you are not sure whether a package contains the product you want, please ask for assistance.