Restaurant Depot Frequently Asked Questions

Managing Your Membership

How do I add or delete an employee on my account?
How can I update my address?
I lost my membership card, how can I get a new one?
I applied for a membership online but haven't heard back. Why?

Logging into your Online Account

How do I see items in my local store?
I forgot my Password.
Do I need to log in to access the flyer?
Can I have my employees access my account?

Using the Online Store Catalog

Why should I login to my account on the Restaurant Depot website?
What is an Order Guide?
Why do I need more than one Shopping List or Order Guide?
What if I just want to buy the same things I bought last week?
Why can’t I find an item I know is in your store?
Why do I see a different price in the Online Catalog than in the store?
I see an error in the Online Catalog. Do you want to know about it?
Why does the item image I see online not match the item in the store?
Why can't I get the product quantity I need?

Buying Online

Can I buy my items online?
Are prices the same when I buy online?
Does Restaurant Depot do the deliveries?


Can you donate to my event or organization?


How do I get copies of my receipts?


What is the return policy?

Other Questions

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