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Restaurant Depot recognizes the importance of community involvement.   To ensure that our charitable contributions are used for their intended purposes, please be advised that the company donates funds or products to bona fide charitable (501(c) 3) and educational organizations only.   Priority is given to organizations that are active members of Restaurant Depot.

Donation requests cannot be handled by our warehouse managers, and we will not respond to requests made by phone, by email or by fax.

Donation requests must be submitted in writing on the letterhead of the organization and mailed to the address below.  The letter should include information about the organization, the upcoming event and who will benefit from the event.  Be as specific as possible about what you are asking Restaurant Depot to contribute.  If you are Restaurant Depot member, please include your membership number on the letter.  Please allow three (3) weeks from the time we receive the letter in College Point, NY for a response to your request. 

Restaurant Depot
1524 132nd St
College Point, NY 11356

 Whatever our decision, we will respond to all written donation requests in writing to the address on the letterhead.

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